Jena Web

I spent the Christmas holidays with my family in the town of Mindo and joined Wendy’s yoga class in the mornings. I’m an experienced Ashtanga practitioner living in Ecuador and I haven’t had a teacher in about 10 years. I loved Wendy’s insights and descriptions of postures and Ashtanga principals. I appreciated the fact that she saw that I was an experienced yogini and allowed me the space to practice at my level. She very adeptly dealt with a wide range of levels among students. Her assists were amazing and she had me doing postures I hadn’t done since before having kids (Marichyasana D) and which I have continued to be able to do since I returned home. Everyone can learn a ton from Wendy, whether a beginner or an experienced practitioner. I recommend a stay at her place, but if it isn’t possible, joining the morning yoga classes is a must for any seasoned yoga practitioner traveling through Mindo. I hope to return to Mindo to practice with Wendy sometime soon!