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yoga classes in mindo ecuador

Yoga Classes in Mindo – Packages

Book a traditional Ashtanga yoga class in Mindo with Wendy. Enjoy one of our unique morning yoga and hiking packages, starting the day with 1-on-1 private yoga instruction..

Morning Package for 1

This yoga morning package features a yoga class, smoothie and a hike. Rate includes transport from Mindo, about 4km away. You can take a 50 minute, quiet walk back in time for lunch or call another car (not included).


Morning Package for 2 or more

This morning routine features a yoga class, smoothie and hike and includes transport from Mindo. After the morning activities, you can walk back into town (50 minutes) or call another cab (not included in price). Please note that the price is $40 PER person. Specify how many in your group below.


Wendy is one of the best yoga teachers on the planet- her yoga retreat in Mindo will take you to a space you didn’t even know existed- mentally, physically, and on a soul level. She takes the time to adjust you in a way that makes you feel empowered and strong. I am looking forward to going back to her retreat in Mindo and keeping in touch with her beautiful, kind, and loving soul 🙏💛🌱 so grateful for you!!!


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